Screams, tears and broken bones:

it all seems the beginning

of a horror movie, but it’s not.

THE BONESETTER: The Ancient Treatments of Fakruddin

INDIA – 2015 – ◷ 6′.27″

On April 25th 2015,

a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal.

Death toll exceeds 8000 people.

BURNINGMAN: Nepal’s Erthquake Human Struggle

NEPAL – 2015 – ◷ 4′.47″

Diamonds are created when extreme heat

and pressure act upon carbon.

This is the process allowing people to create

a lasting reminder of their loved ones

using ashes collected from human remains.

ASHES TO DIAMONDS: Loved Ones’ Ashes Jewels

SWITZERLAND – 2016 – ◷ 2′.33″

The North of Brazil,

is one of the most important emeralds

producer in the entire world and here,

everything revolves around

these precious stones.

THE GREEN RUSH: Brazilian Emeralds Underworld

BRAZIL – 2014 – ◷ 4′.29″

A little, almost unknown village

in the middle of nowhere: Itabahianina.

CITY OF DWARFS: A Village of Dwarfs

BRAZIL – 2014 / 3′.30″

Beyond disparities, beyond categories,

stereotypes and genders, you will find

a man who embodies the perfect

synthesis of the opposites.

GOD SAVE THE QUEER: The Queer Side of Catholicism

BRAZIL – 2014 – ◷ 4′.29″

Two journalists charged with criminal

defamation by the Thailand government

tell their side of the story.

THE WAN TRIAL: Thailand’s Attack to the Press

THAILAND – 2015 – ◷ 9′.15″